For today tutorial I decided to paint Daenerys Targaryen or The Dragon Queen.

Who is Daenerys?

Well, if you are Game of Thrones fans, you must know well about her, for whom who does not know, she is a widow, a mother, and a ruling Queen.

Here is an interesting fact about Daenerys

She is young, might be a teen. But she is only 13-years-old when we first meet her in the novel. With that young age, she is sold to Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) as a wife.

The TV series producer made the decision to add her age a little. In the first season of Game of Thrones, her age is about 15-years-old. It might be because audiences might found it disturbing to see her sex/rape scenes with Khal Drogo if she was just even in her teens.

The tutorial

So the first stage was to do a sketch Daenerys based on her photo and scan her in.

This is the rough sketch

How to draw the dragon Queen

I drew a refine pencil sketch and cleaned up the image a little

How to draw the dragon Queen

Scan the image then block in the main areas of the body with base color. I blocked it manually, however you could use use the polygonal lasso tool and make selection groups of the key areas so that You can easily go back at any point and make quick changes to specific sections. With this done you could begin blocking in the general lighting which is probably the most important aspect in the whole process.

How to draw the dragon Queen

The next step is to make two new layers which I call highlights (set to Soft Light blending mode) and shadows which is set to multiply. Look at the light source from the photo reference, in this case the light is from somewhere in front if the character. So now paint in the darker areas using a standard airbrush. In order to add a further dimension to the character, use the same airbrush but with various diameters set to a pure white to block in the highlights across the the body.

How to draw the dragon Queen

Keep refine the shadows and highlight, you could always look at the photo reference if you lost.

How to draw the dragon Queen

We now have the basis of our image which essentially breaks down into three categories:
a) The sketch
b) Main color blocks
C) Shadows
D) Highlights

These layers are probably the most crucial of all in that they create the overall impression of form and provide the eye with the key information to reading the image. Now refine and the painting in additional detail. Like some highlights in her eyes, cheeks, hair and so on.
How to draw the dragon Queen

So here is the final image of the Dragon Queen. I added a background brush painting and hide the sketch layer.

How to draw the dragon Queen