3 Simple Ways to Get FatI know, I know, some say losing body fat will reduce stress on our heart, lowering the chance of heart disease, cancer, probability of diabetes, etc.; and it makes a person feel better, and the most important thing losing body fat is look cooler.


But if you love carrying around extra pounds to your body and you like to keep them because you don’t want change your lifestyle, what can I say?

You don’t want to push your life really hard. You don’t want any extreme exercise to lose weight during a period of diet, what can I say?

Although maybe, just maybe, you and I and everybody know that taking walks for 30 minutes each day increases the heart rate to the fat-burning level. And compare to jogging, walking induce fat loss effectively. BUT if you prefer to drive a car than walk – of course you do – what can I say?

So, are there some tips to help you quickly add more extra pounds? I guess there are only 3 things you will have to do in order to get more body fat.