For each of us, the universe is different, something very different like day and night or ying and yang. A homeless man may look at the world as unfair, hard and tough. A wealthy man may see the world as a lovely place full of deluxe and pleasure. The two of them are looking at the same world, it is just different simply because of their perceptions of it and their life experiences.

Cartoon Illustration of The Globe
This is a basic key to comprehending, to understand that how we respond to one particular world is how it is to us. Confuse? Me too.

Sometimes we are not so sure about something, we might worry that we aren’t very good with money and therefore we are not. We may use our will and concentrate on manifesting items which we want to further our life with. Keep in mind that we can only manifest things we believe we can have. We may wish for a million bucks, but until we truly believe we can have it, we will not get it.

We need to be aware that things are not only going to fall out of the air and land on our lap, though on occasion they may well do so, literally as well as figuratively and that feels so good. It sometimes takes a little while for what we want to manifest to appear. Often it requires faith and persistence on our part. It might be the Universe is testing us to see if we truly want it and will really commit our self to getting it just before we get it. We simply cannot sit back and wait around for what we want to manifest.

So, just believe in our self and what we can achieve. We can manifest anything we desire in our life.