For most of us, the sounds of an Alarm ringing first thing in the early morning is really a shock.

You set it the evening before, and you promise yourself to wake up right after you hear the alarm for no matter what and nevertheless, you’re still annoyed with it when it goes off.

If you’re like me, then you are going to prolong the action of getting up by consistently punching in the snooze button, provides you with an additional few minutes before it rings out once again.

The irony is; I never go back again to sleep as I wait in anticipation for the clock to go off once again.

Clocks these days have very different sound to wake you up. But, in my long year’s experience, not one of them are welcoming, my present clock has a high rhythmic beeping sound, and that makes me crazy each morning, but without it, I wouldn’t wake up, so ironically I do depend on the irritating sound to start my day.

Maybe I have to take a look at alternative clocks that offer a better noise to wake up to?

Traditional manual alarm clocks have a bell on top that rings, but digital alarm clocks are able to make various other noises.

Simple battery powered alarm clocks help make a beeping sound whereas novelty alarm clocks are able to speak, laugh, or perhaps sing.

Clocks have certainly improved in time (no pun intended), and the functions also have improved. The improved features are: built-in radios, nature sounds, two alarms, CD players, iPod docking bays, sunrise simulators, programmable snooze etc.

The Digital Clock is likely one of the most favorite Alarm clocks in use today since they could be extremely helpful (they are usually equipped with inbuilt radios as standard & are generally inexpensive to purchase)

However, the digital clock does have its disadvantages. Because they run on electricity and also have no permanent memory, digital clocks must be reset each time they’re moved or perhaps the power is cut off. This a particular issue since a power outage during the night typically results in the clock failing to bring about the alarm in the morning.

To reduce the problem, later designs usually incorporate a battery backup to keep the time during power outages.

So, what does the future Alarm clock have in store for us?
Do you think we could have an alarm that wakes up us like our love one do?

Let me know what you think in the comment!