manga warrior woman

This is simple steps of coloring manga character. I was inspired by lady warrior from Indonesian old fairy tale named Srikandi. She is a princess but also a warrior with bow and arrow as her main weapon. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3.

(Indonesian Version)

1. I do the sketch with pencil, this is still rough then scan it.
 2. Inking in Adobe Photoshop

3. Then I determine which color that I will use after that using pen tool, select the area that will be fill with color (I will write another article on this).


4. Create a new layer and fill the selection area with Paint Bucket Tool.
5. Do it until all area cover with base color.


6. Made a new layer, named it shadow. Go to Channels. Then I duplicate green channel.

7. I select the blue channel and using Magic Wand Tool I select the body.

8. With selection still on, click RGB channel and start paint the base color with shadow.
9. Repeat this step to all part of the character.


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