What The Heck Are Personalized Canvas Prints & Why You’re Gonna Fall in Love with Them?

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what personalized canvas prints are. The clue is in the name! These are canvas prints you can customize any way you want. You can put literally any letters you want there, as well as numbers, symbols, or even photographs.

The best thing is that you can put them anywhere you want – in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even toilet. No matter where you put them, one thing is certain, they’re gonna look awesome!

The Charm of Personalized Canvas Art

What makes custom canvas prints so amazing is that they allow you to express yourself creatively. In fact, with custom canvas art, the sky is the limit. There literally isn’t anything you can’t put on these prints, from letters and numbers to photographs and abstract art.

Many people choose to put important dates on the prints in order to mark a special event in their life, such as the wedding day, the birthday of a child, and so on. Some people go with names of people they care about, while some decide to put their favorite song lyrics or book quotes on the canvas.

Others choose to go with photographs of their loved ones. Rather than keeping the framed photos on a desk or a shelf, they want to display it proudly on the wall where everyone can see them. And there are also the people go with images of destinations that have a special place in their hearts.

Finally, there are also those people who want to create their own art and put it on the wall. Rather than wasting time and money on painting a picture, they can create one on their computer and get it printed on canvas in a matter of moments.

A great thing about canvas art is that you don’t have to follow anyone’s path. You can unleash your creative mind and mix all kinds of styles. Your prints can be a combination of words, numbers, photographs, abstract shapes, and whatnot.

Common Types of Canvas Prints

Coming up with an idea for canvas art doesn’t mean that the job is done. You also need to pick the size and shape of your canvas prints. Obviously, the dimensions of the canvas prints depend on the size of the room where you plan to put them, as well as your personal preferences.

When it comes to the type of the canvas prints, you need to choose whether they’ll come with or without the frame, whether the image will be wrapped around the panel or stretcher bars, whether the canvas art will be made of one or several pieces, and so on.

Unframed Canvas Prints

Unframed prints are super-popular thanks to the fact that the canvas is stretched to cover the edges so that the wooden panel or stretcher bars can’t be seen. The canvas is stretched over the bars on all four sides, before being stapled to the back.

This type is especially popular for images in which the main object is in the very middle of the print. In such images, the background goes across the edges naturally. This way, the 3D effect of the print will be emphasized.

Framed Prints

In some cases, stretching the canvas isn’t recommended. For example, in the case of photography on canvas, it’s best not to wrap it around the edges. Instead, a much better solution is to hide the edges with a frame. There’s another reason why framed prints might be your perfect choice – you get to choose from all kinds of shapes and sizes of the frame.

Multi-piece Wall Art

The canvas art you create doesn’t have to be made of one piece. Multi-piece canvas art can look really amazing on the wall.

Our honest advice is not to think too much about what kind of canvas print to buy. Whichever you choose, we guarantee it’s going to look really nice on the wall!

Where to Put Your Personalized Canvas Prints?

A great thing about canvas prints is that they look amazing no matter where you put them. Still, most people decide to hang them on the living room walls. The reason is simple – this way they get to enjoy their canvas art all the time.

Some people decide to use wall stickers for bedrooms, as this way they get to fall asleep reminded of beautiful memories by the words/photos on the prints. Moreover, if you have problems with insomnia, putting canvas art with relaxing motifs might be the key to tackling this issue.

You can also put personalized canvas prints in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. If they’re going to look nice, there really is no reason not to put them there.

How are Canvas Prints Made?

The whole point of canvas prints is that they’re made to resemble the old-fashioned oil paintings. The reason why they might be better than the traditional canvas paintings is that you don’t need to have any special skill in order to make them. All you need is a good idea; the hard work is done by the printing machine.

The printing job is done by special printers that can deal with such a sensitive material. And once the prints are made, the canvas is then trimmed to the right size and glued onto the panel or stretcher bars. When finished, the canvas art is ready for use, that is, you can put it on the wall right away.

The best thing about canvas prints is that they’re very easy to maintain. Actually, you don’t need to maintain them at all! Absolutely no glazing, treating, or varnishing is needed.

Can You Make Your Own Canvas Prints?

Of course you can! But, only if you have the right equipment… Your regular printer won’t do the job. Even if it’s large enough to print onto the canvas rolls, your printer probably won’t be able to make prints of high quality. Not to mention that ordinary printers can easily tear the material.

Speaking of material, if you want your prints to look flawless, you need to pick the best possible material – 100% pure white cotton, with the weight of about 400 gsm. You also need a little bit of skill to be able to properly glue the print onto the panel, not to mention that canvas stretching is a process even real experts struggle with.

All considered, if you go DIY-style with personalized canvas prints, the chance is that you’re going to fail. Our advice is not to waste your time, money, and nerves. Instead, focus on creating the image and leave the technical part to the professionals.

Where to Get Cheap Canvas Prints?

Of the main reasons why canvas prints have become so popular is that they’re a cheap alternative to traditional oil paintings. So, if you’re not willing to spend a lot of money on a painting created by a real-live artist, why would you pay a lot for something made by a machine? Well, you don’t have to! You can find affordable canvas prints that look amazing!

Actually, you’ve already found them! You are at the place where you can make cheap canvas prints from photos, letters and whatnot, without taking a toll on their quality. Our website is the place where you can order canvas photo prints cheap-priced, yet made of top-quality cotton. Furthermore, we use sophisticated printers and other equipment in order to ensure that the canvas prints look really breath-taking.

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