This time I will be attempting to paint a dog, I use my dog as reference. The real challenge is that he has a lot of fur. I try to make it realistic.

Painting Tutorial - How to paint a dog

And this is the video


On a new layer start to do some sketching.

I make a new layer below the sketch layer, and fill it with brown color. I name it background layer.

Next stage, I make a new layer again above the background layer and I start to paint the base color.

One of new feature in Adobe Photoshop CS5 that I love is the new brush set. I can easily create the impression of fur.

The eye, nose and mouth areas have been darkened to help the overall impression but you can see that the painting is much improved from just a minimal amount of detail. In the final painting (as you can see in the top of this article) I have added in more fine strokes. I also change the background into blue.