draw and color a cute girl illustration
This drawing tutorial will cover how to draw and color a cute girl. I draw her with this style, this is just my own preference, you can draw her differently. I hope this step by step will help you draw and color a girl.

I forgot to screenshot my coloring process, but I recorded it as a video, you can find it at the end of this post.
So, have fun and don’t forget to give me some feedback on what you thought of the lesson.

Step 1 and 2
First, lightly sketch an oval shape as starting point. After that, continue to draw something simple – the stick figure.

Draw guidelines through the center of the stick figure. Draw the outlined shape of the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines. Then draw curved lines for the body.
draw and color a cute girl illustration step 1

Step 3 and 4
Then, sketch out the composition of the face, the body, hands, and hip. Remember woman body have a lot of curves and soft lines.

Next, draw in the hairline which has a naturally parted style. The long hair falls on her face very softly.
Sketch out her clothes, in this case, she wears the t-shirt and skinny jeans, but you could make her wears any clothes.
Draw her eyes. She is a cartoon character, so her eyes do not have to be realistic.
How to Draw and Color a Cute Girl

Step 5 and 6
Draw some details drawing on her hair, her eyes, her nose, her arms and her clothes. Refine the drawing and delete unnecessary lines. Then you’re done. Congratulation, you made it 🙂
How to Draw and Color a Cute Girl final

So there you go, how to draw a cute girl. Now, you can add colors to this girl drawing!

Anyway, bellow is a video on how I add colors to the girl illustration, using Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy!