Easy Step by Step Drawings of Batman v Superman including Wonder Woman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice marks the first time the two superhero characters meet each other in cinematic format. It is considered a sequel for Henry Cavill’s Superman, but it is a complete reboot for Batman as Christian Bale who played in the epic Dark Knight trilogy doesn’t reprise his role in this film. But if you haven’t watched this film, you don’t have to worry because Warner Bros picks another personage with similarly strong character to replace him: Ben Affleck. There are not many things that I want to tell you about this film as spoilers break the fun, right? But I can guarantee that there are many surprises that this film exhibits.

Even more surprising is the reception expressed by fans and critics toward the film. While it is unjustifiable to say that fans mean those who like the characters and critics are those who criticize them (especially because a large majority of critics are actually fans of both characters and grew up reading their comic books), the battle is there and public have already been steered to believe that there is indeed a faction called fans on the one hand and another faction called critics on the other. This fight ultimately has taken its toll because it has been a tradition in the cinematic realm that critics’ reviews necessarily affect theater attendance volume and how long the film will remain shown in cinemas.

We, nonetheless, don’t intend to dive too deep into the fight that takes place both inside and outside the cinema. As artists, we only care about the artistic aspect of the film: how both characters appear on the screen. And honestly, we truly admire their overall look, especially their costumes. Michael Wilkinson as the costume designer really knows how to make them look both superhuman and human at the same time. This admiration leads us to believe that drawing both characters on a sheet of paper with our friendly drawing pencils is much better than getting ourselves too involved in the fight. So, here we invite you dear readers to come with us to enjoy the fun of drawing the three superheroes that appear in the film, including Wonder Woman.

There are two posters that we will try to draw in this step by step tutorial. The first poster depicts the iconic Batman v Superman image as depicted on the film’s theatrical release poster, of course with slight modification as we intend to make it a little bit cartoonish. You can imagine about the drawing as if we are going to draw the cover of the comic version of the film. The second poster depicts the image of Wonder Woman, also in more cartoonish form. Although we try to make our poster look cartoonish, thereby abandoning some aspects of realism, we will try not to go too far from the original poster of the film. Our drawing will become less interesting and lose its significance if it is not faithful enough to the film, right?

So, here are the steps of drawing Batman v Superman;
Make simple lines representing the character, refine it until you’re satisfied and delete unnecessary lines.

Easy Step by Step Drawings of Batman v Superman

After that you can start to add some colors.
Start with base colors, and slowly add some shadow and highlight.

Easy Step by Step Drawings of Batman v Superman - Coloring

Here is the final drawing (painting)

Easy Step by Step Drawings of Batman v Superman - Coloring

Now, let’s start with Wonder Woman
Just like the Batman V Superman drawing, start with simple lines

Easy Step by Step Drawings of Wonder Woman 1

When you’re done, you can start to color it. Begin with base skin colors, then add shading and highlight. I used Adobe Photoshop to do the coloring. I put my color layer below the pencil layer so I could easily remove it when I’ve done coloring.

Easy Step by Step Drawings of Wonder Woman 2

Remove your pencil layer and add more details

Easy Step by Step Drawings of Wonder Woman 3

That’s it. It may look complicated, but when you do it, you will find it easy. And if don’t get the result you expected on the first try, do it again, gradually you will master it.