cool things to draw step by step
It will not be too difficult to find cool things to draw. You can always find cool stuffs anywhere. There are several things to help you find super cool idea and easy guide to draw any cool stuff for everybody.

Find a great inspiration

The first thing to have in your mind before start drawing is to find an idea. Don’t panic! It can be fun and the easiest thing to do. The best inspiration would the one that comes from something that you love. Let’s say you love animation movie. There are lot ideas there. For example, you can draw a lion like Simba in The Lion King. Or do you recall the Monster Inc? Indeed, it can be the coolest picture ever when you draw your own monster. Some kids or even some people think that it is too hard to draw stuffs in the movie. It has 3D look and it keeps moving.

Well, for you who love comics, you can just try to draw cool stuffs in any comic you love. You can just draw a tornado or maybe a very cool planet in the sky. There are also a lot of cool stuffs around us. You can always find cool cars on the street. Yes! It can be a great idea. Do not worry about forgetting the look of the cool stuffs around you. Once you get inspired, you can just browse the pictures of any things you are going to draw.

Here’s one of my monster drawing;
How to draw cute monster

Simple tips to draw

A lot of people think that drawing can be very challenging. In fact, you can make it a lot easier. There are several tips that will make you draw easier. First, choose the right drawing equipment. For people with special gift, it can be very easy to draw with any stationary like pencil, pen, or even board marker. But, it may be difficult for most people.

It will make you easier if you choose the right drawing paper. Pick drawing paper that is soft and not too glossy. Glossy paper may look attractive but it is easy to scratch and ironically it is difficult to erase any line from glossy drawing paper. Then, you also have to choose softer drawing pencil and good eraser. You can also prepare a pencil sharpener just in case you need to sharpen your pencil.

Second, don’t be too ambitious. It is important for you to choose the right object to draw. For beginner, you can start choosing cool object that is not too complex. Do not be too ambitious. Picking too complex object may put you into difficult situation. At last, you may not learn easily.

Looking for a step by step guide

After preparing the drawing tools, it is suggested for you to look for an easy guide to draw. Cool things to draw step by step will guide you to start drawing. The first step is always the hardest, ironically the first step will determine the next step. For example, if you want to draw a car. There are so many different kinds of cool cars you can pick. So, where do we have to start? Pay attention on the basic shape of the car. Generally cars have oval or square basic shape, such as a sedan that actually has oval shape for the basic, while SUV or minibus has more rectangle basic shape. It will make you easier to draw the basic shape first. You cannot jump to draw the real look of the car. It will be a little bit more difficult. You have to try to draw every part of the car in proportional look when you draw the real look of the right away.

how to draw a car 1

Then, you can start improving the basic picture with two tires from one side of the car. You do not have to draw the real look tires, instead you can draw some circles in some space where you are going to draw the tires. Besides it is easier, it will also be helpful to draw the other component of the car in good proportion.

After drawing the tires, you can start drawing the other part of the car, such as the door, the windows and the other exterior details. Similar to the previous steps, you do not have to draw the real look car at first. You can just draw some lines. At last, you can finish the whole car so it will look like a real car picture. In this step, you can erase any line that you think not necessary for the picture.

how to draw a car 2

What if you want to draw the other cool stuffs? Basically, the steps are similar. You just have to always draw the basic shape of the object. For example, if you want to draw a lion, it has oval basic shape for the body or you can just draw a stick figure of the lion.

how to draw lion


how to draw lion

If you want to draw a tornado, you can start with slim triangle shape. The most important thing you have to do is to keep your imagination vivid. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, you can just erase any line that is not necessary.

how to draw tornado

Final touch up

Of course you want your pictures to be the coolest. Let’s talk about the final touch up for your picture. There are a lot of things you can do to give your drawing some final touching up. You can just color your picture.

How to draw a car - Corolla

Choose coloring tools that are easy to apply. It depends on your choice, you can choose coloring pencil, crayon, or even painting. When you are coloring the picture, you can always add more details or stress some part of picture to make it look even more real. At last, you can create specific environment around the main object. Like, if you draw a car, you can also draw some stuff like street, field, or anything that makes the car looks real.

cool things to draw step by step