If we could, I believe most of us will stop working. We always dream about it, but that is about as far as we get: dreaming. Working a 9 to 5 just seems inevitable, unavoidable. However, I’ll say this: if you would like to quit working, STOP WORKING; Why? I will give you five reasons why you need to.

1. Should you stop working

You will have much more time to devote to reading the articles of mine, learn to draw, follow my Instagram, like my Facebook page. The popularity of mine is really a small price to pay for you living the dreams of yours.

2. Quitting the job of yours is going to make you feel fantastic

For approximately ten minutes you will be on top of the world, you will be living the good life, you will be: insert your happiness here. Then you will start worrying about the bill, the mortgage, the kid’s school clothes, groceries, and just how you are likely to pay that $250 you owe your neighbor. All this will probably depress you to the point of grabbing a samurai and commit suicide. Then you forget that you have to pay to buy that samurai sword.

3. Daytime television is one of the most exciting and captivating television around

You will wonder exactly how you ever survived without all those quality soap operas, daytime talk shows, and judge shows where you get suspicious that the judge has been paid off.

4. Never miss any important calls

When you were employed, you missed all those important calls from the bill and other collection agencies collectors. Now you’ve quit the job, and you will have the ability to sit down at home in eager anticipation of these important calls. Prepare for many telemarketers, calls from the local foundation asking for donations, and some of those computers that call you as well as ask you to ‘Hold for an important message’ and you will have a full day of just answering the telephone. It is going to be like having a full-time, nine to five job all over again, without all the trouble of getting a paycheck.

5. Dragging yourself out of bed every morning at 5:45 a.m. cannot be great for the health of yours

The doctor of yours will proud of you for caring enough about your body’s well being to go as far as quitting the job of yours. He won’t, nonetheless, see you as a patient anymore since you no longer have health insurance. But there is no need to worry, after all, that is the reason we’ve clinics that are free. Sitting all day long in a damp clinic waiting room next to 2 teenagers with stage three Chlamydia is yet another experience you will have missed out on in case you’d kept the day job of yours.

There you have it. Five reasons why you need to go out and quit your job quickly. Feel free to quote any of the good reasons to the employer of yours when you turn in your two weeks notice