Hard to say I am sorry
No one perfect, we all make mistakes.

[wp_ad_camp_3]No matter how intelligent, wealthy, or experienced, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we do know that we make something wrong, sometimes we don’t. However, that what makes us human.

Whenever we make a mistake, it could hurt someone, either our self or other.

Now, the hard part is apologizing.

Let me ask you this, how many of you apologize to someone immediately after you hurt his or her feeling?

How many of you try to avoid it?

I found out that often I say sorry even for an insignificant mistake while some wait for ages to sorry after committing huge blunders?

That is the mystery.

Another question, do you become less by telling sorry? Are we confessing a mistake by saying sorry? Are we hurting our ego by saying sorry? Absolute not.

When we say sorry, the other party feels good, and we feel good. Say that I made this mistake, and I am very sorry for that.

An apology makes us a better human being by washing us of our guilt.

Let us apologize, we make a mistake and make someone happy again and get happiness in return.
Hard to say I am sorry