Cute Bear

Today I am going to show you how to draw a cute bear in step by step. Do you notice that in cartoon bears can be seen as an adorable creature. One great example is Winnie the Pooh. In wild life bear consider a wild animal, some said they are dangerous. In certain species of bear, especially the black bear, the claim is not entirely true.

Do you know that the black bears are shy? They need an sufficient levels of cover, due to their shy and solitary character, so they mainly live in highly forested locations.

But, the great thing about black bear is that they are able to adapt well to diversified habitats like mountains, swampy areas, abandoned fields, hardwood forest, softwood forest, mixed forest, etc.

Well, I think I talk to much, I am going to stop now, it’s drawing time.

Bellow are the three steps how I draw the bear, you can see the final cartoon on the top of this page.

How to Draw a Cute Bear Cartoon