Hi guys,

It’s me again. I am going to show you how to draw a cow, not just regular cow, it’s a simple cute cartoon cow.

Today I am not  going to use fancy gadget as usual, instead I am using the old, the best and the great pencil and paper.

Here is the final drawing;

How to draw a cartoon cow final

For the color, I am using my soft pastels.

So, here we go

Step 1

Prepare your pencil and paper, this time I am using my note paper and a HB pencil. Why HB, well, this is what available on my desk. I am too lazy to find my usual drawing pencils. Later on I use 2B and 6b pencil.

How to draw a cartoon cow 1

Step 2


Draw 3 main circles for the head, the nose and the body. Draw some guidelines for the eyes, neck and foot.

How to draw a cartoon cow 2

Step 3

Now begin to sketch out the shape of the cow, begin from the head, the body, foot.

Using the guidelines, draw the large eyes, then the mouth area, the ears and the horn like so. Sketch grass the cow’s mouth.

How to draw a cartoon cow 3

Step 4

Now that the head, the face and other part of the cow have been drawn, you will start to do the coloring. I choose blue, grey, green, brown and black color. You could have whatever colors you like.

How to draw a cartoon cow 4

Step 5

Finish off your cartoon cow drawing by erasing some pencil lines and adding some black lines.

Now you are all done.

See the finish illustration on the top