Hey everyone, here’s another painting tutorial. This time I choose a cute mouse for you.
This mouse is so cute that he just took some cheese and ready to eat it while the house owner looking at him in amusement.

Here is the final painting;
How to draw and paint a cute mouse final

So, get your tools ready!

Fist Draw

Start out with basic sketch. As usual I use simple forms, like circles, rectangles, and so on.
How to draw and paint a cute mouse

Second Draw

Now, refine the sketch like so
How to draw and paint a cute mouse step 2

Third Draw

It’s time to color it! I use Adobe Photoshop, but you can use your favorite graphic program.
Make sure that you create a new layer under your line art.

In this step, start with with basic colors. You can start with the background as well, but I usually do it last.

Create a new layer between your lineart layer and colour filled layer.

Flat paint the the drawing with nice base colors, remember paint this color on the new layer you just created.

You can always use more colors and of course play with the shade. If you want to you can create a couple of new layers and color the elements of the the drawing.
How to draw and paint a cute mouse

Fourth Draw
Refine the painting and hide or delete your line drawing. See the final painting on before the first step.