Ok, I just painted a cute schoolgirl. It wasn’t my plan to have her wearing a sailor uniform as a Japanese school girl would be, but then unconsciously, that happened. People always think of a sailor school uniform when I ask about the Japanese school uniform. The fact is there are different styles of uniforms. You will find some with longer skirts or others with shorter skirts. There are also uniform that more suit-like. Regarding the color, many are blue or white, some even green or red!

No matter what the style, they are all cute! You could see the final painting below. And below it, you could see how I paint it step by step. Enjoy!

How to draw schoolgirl final

Now here are how I did it.
These are the first initial sketch and underpainting.

How to draw a cute school girl steps

A bit focus on her face.

How to draw a cute school girl face steps

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