I love coffee, and I guess most of people in the world have coffee as one of their favorite beverage. Among all kind of beverages, coffee is might be the most favorite for adult. However, like me, you might not know the origin of coffee. Why don’t we just enjoy drinking it? Well, that ok, but I guess understanding a little bit the history of coffee will make us appreciate more about it. And it will make us know why we love – or addicted – to coffee.

I love coffee

Too much love will kill you

When did people know about coffee?

Some experts have found out botanical proof that verify that Arabica coffee started in Ethiopia and someway it was brought to Yemen and somehow it was then served up in the first coffee house in the world in the Mecca. Coffee has then became the most popular beverages for personal enjoyment.

The world loves coffee

No matter where the coffee originated, it is the most favored choice among hot beverages. We can find a coffee house in every corner in the big city in the world. Each coffee house serves it in a different ways. Even now it comes in variety of products, say coffee candy or coffee cake or coffee ice cream and a lot more. However, I enjoy coffee in an old way,  just a simple hot cup of black coffee.