Google launched Google Plus last June. You know, I rarely use Facebook and I have to say that I’m really excited about Google+. On the internet now people start to compare with Facebook. My friend invited me and after several minutes using Google plus, I am getting more and more excited. Why? Here we go

  • I use google a lot, not just for searching engine but almost all their services
  • Privacy! Yes, you have more control over who sees what you post. Just set up circles and then share things with just people in those circles or publicly. In real life we have certain groups to hang out and that what circles do. You have circles, circles of family, friends, best friend, college, work, etc. That also means that you will have less spam post
  • The interface is clean, plain and easy to use
  • Facebook is getting over-crowded. Just look at your contact list, I believe that there are a lot of people you don’t know personally. And that game stream, really annoying.
  •  There still a lot of great features that I haven’t use, like huddle, video chat (hangout) and more

Now Google plus is not open for public yet so you have to be invited by someone already using it. Is Google Plus going to be a Facebook Killer? Who knows?

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