Keeping a healthy and long lasting relationship is hard but it’s achievable. Sometimes it’s just the simple things like these, well, it’s not actually easy but doable:

1. Quantity is good, but quality is a lot better, without quality time together, your relationship will not survive. Try to devote at least half an hour a night, and at least one day a month when the two of you spend time exclusively together.

2. Compromise! Yes, even when you talk with your friend, you need to compromise. A good relationship is built on compromise a lot.

3. Consider like it’s the first love, like when you first time met, when everything was roses. In a long time relationship often those little things that first attracted or never annoy you or to your partner can turn into irritating habits. And never try to change them into something they’re not, after all you fell in love with them just the way they were.

4. Communication, this is vital to all healthy relationships. Never let emotion influences your behavior, keep listen closely to your partner and prevent blame and judgment. The most effective way to help you to both have a much deeper understanding of each other is talking things over. Communicate about anything, including money, money is one of the top clashes between most couples. You need to address your financial situation.
Relationships Cartoon Illustration
5. Learn to forgive. If you actually know you will never forgive your partner over something important, and feel the trust can never be regained then give yourself, and him a break and start again, with someone new.

What now? This is a fact, relationships are tough whether you’re dating or married. Is it achievable? Absolutely,  but It takes 100% commitment from both of you to have healthy and long-lasting relationships and many couples have proven just that. The road will be bumpy and not everything is always going to be perfect but it can work fine if you both choose to make it work.