When we grew up as kids, one of our passionate hobby was to paint, paint and paint. Yes, we loved painting flowers, mountains, elephants and whatever we see. Painting allows us to express ourselves. And during adulthood we almost forgot that hobby which was our favorite past-time during our childhood days. And if you are looking to rekindle that painting spirit in you and don’t know where to start as you can’t just draw animals and flowers. You need to create something that is unique. And if you are looking at the wall not knowing where to start, then you can check out the paint by numbers for adults kit that will make everyone as an artist.

How it Works?

The painting for beginners kit comes with your desired picture along with all the colors neatly numbered for easy understanding. The picture is laid out with picture and neatly numbered and all you need to do is paint the numbered colors on the specific area numbered and create an astounding masterpiece that was possible early only by professional painters. You would really amazed to see the end result of that beautiful acrylic painting on canvas exactly matches the picture.

The picture is divided into shapes and each shape is provided with a number as each number relates to a specific color provided on the each of the colors provided in the kit. This type of painting system is called as paint by number canvas and you only need to apply the specified color in the appropriate numbered areas. And once you go through painting the colors as specified, you can slowly see the picture coming to life and in the end, you’ll be stunned to think that how on earth could I have done this.

Paint by number canvas

In this era of smartphones, where everyone is addicted towards WhatsApp and Facebook, taking up painting as a hobby will allow you to put to rest your addiction to smartphones as well. And what’s more, you don’t need to be a professional and don’t need to have expert knowledge in colors, but yet still create some stunning masterpiece paint by numbers.

Earlier before this paint by number canvas kits were available, you need to take up painting lessons spending money and time to learn the basics of colors and painting, but with this painting kit, you can start away immediately without even knowing how to match colors. But, once you start with this hobby of painting, you’ll certainly get the hang of how to use colors and match different colors to create a striking acrylic paint art. You can even become a talented artist once you understand the basics of colors and using the right brush and tone in your paintings and create your own work of art.

Once you complete the painting and hang them in the walls of your home, no one would know that you have created the art using a paint by number canvas. Your friends and family members will really look stunned at masterful painting skills in you. You can gift these fine-looking pictures to your friends and family member’s during any occasion that calls for a gift. And who knows you could become popular in your surrounding for your artistic skills. That is the power of this painting for beginners kit that allows anyone without an hint of painting knowledge to showcase their painting as if like a professional artist.

And once you get the hang of painting, then you don’t even need to paint the specified colors and use your creative thinking to use different colors to paint an altogether different colored picture. Say for example, if you are painting a beautiful portrait of nature, you can choose your own colors and create your own masterpiece. Because you don’t always need to follow the same rules and choose the specified colors, but instead allow your artistic skills to flow.

Benefits of Paint by numbers for adults

And if you take up painting as a hobby, it not only allows you to bide time, but also comes with a lot of other benefits:

Reduce Anxiety and Stress Level

According to many studies, researchers have found that just 30-45 minutes of any creative activity like painting or drawing could reduce stress to a great extent. Painting is also known to reduce your anxiety levels and also increase your concentration. Painting also help you to stay calm and relaxed as well. You can also forget all your worries and keep yourself occupied and busy for some time.

Increased Concentration levels

Art is a practice that helps to improve all your mental, physical as well as emotional health too. It is even recommended as a therapy to patients who suffer from concentration issues as it helps you maintain your focus for larger periods of time. It boosts your creative thinking ability and help you come up with your own creative ideas and finally encourages you to some excellent out-of-the-box thinking. It is also much more similar to meditation as when you meditate you try focusing your mind on a single point and painting also allows you to concentrate only on the picture in front of you.

Improve Self-Confidence

Even though painting by numbers for adults acrylic painting on canvas is not very tough, it does helps in improving your self-confidence as you can feel a great sense of accomplishment after seeing your masterpiece paint by numbers. This also allows you to work on more and more paintings.

Enhance Cognitive Memory Function

Coloring not only helps your self-confidence and regain your focus levels, it also helps in improving your cognitive memory skills. Art helps in stimulating your brain to a great extent and which in turn allows in developing new neurons. It also aids in creating neurotransmitters called dopamine that is largely responsible for keeping your happy and relaxed.

Improves Patience

Painting requires a lot of patience and this paint by number kits will definitely test your patience as any deviation will make you choose the wrong color and make the picture go horribly wrong. Hence, only if you are patient and clear can you come up with a masterpiece.

What the Package contains?

The paint by numbers for adults kits contains comes included with a painting brush, a painting canvas with just a outline of the picture and divided into shapes containing specific number along with small containers of paint that are numbered. Most of the packages come with acrylic paints as these are the best for beginners, since it dries quickly. You can also choose packages with water color, oil colors and pencil colors as well.

How to get started?

Once you receive the paint by number canvas kit, you can start away immediately with your painting. You don’t need to read a user manual to understand it as all you need to do is:

• Prepare your painting job by get all your painting colors that came with the kit in an organized manner with a numbers on top, so you can easily choose the color as specified in the canvas.

• Then take a look at the canvas and start applying the colors as specified in the numbers in the canvas. You can go from top to bottom or vice versa, but make sure you go in one direction and not choose to paint here and there. A uniform painting process will allow you to take a look at how the picture reveals easily.


With the paint by numbers for adults kits, you can easily become a professional artist and also in the process, learn about the process of understanding the basics of coloring and painting as well. And you don’t need to be a professional painter to create some fabulous work of art.