Do you happen to have a friend who snores? I have and we make fun about it. You know, a lot of people think that snore can be funny but wait a minute; I bet, that people never live with it. If you do have to sleep with someone who snores loudly every night, it becomes nightmare. Like living in a horror movie, suddenly you wake up in the middle of the night hearing the sound of soaring lion, a moment later you hear the sound of heavy duty truck.
snoring cartoon illustration

Can it be cure? How the hell I am supposed to know? I just know the misery causing by it. The cure? Well I heard some friends stopped snoring after some treatments, so I guess it can be cured depends on the nature of the snore.

Amazingly, there is one quiet easy way to cure snore; Stay healthy.


Yeah, you got to stop smoking, consume alcohol, and for you have extra ordinary body weight – who tend to snore – you should do exercise and proper diet.

That‘s suck! I know. But you have to choose:

  1. You die because of some health risks associated with obesity or
  2. Your friend/girl or boy friend/partner/spouse dies because of long time insomnia.
    snoring cartoon illustration